Watsonx.data Presto connection

Set up the data source

Bhuma can interact with almost any API or database, like SQL, REST, and GraphQL, including multiple integrations for many data sources. After configuring your data source, you can build apps using your data.

This guide uses the TPC-H data set from Watsonx.data as a source.

To configure your data source within Bhuma, follow the steps below.

1- Log in to Bhuma. If you don't have an account, sign up for free.
2- Make sure you have everything ready to connect to your Presto server.
3- Click on Data Sources in the toolbar, then under SQL, select Watson X (Presto).
4- Provide your endpoint URL and your IBM Cloud API Key.
5- Click Save.

Use tpch for the Catalog and tiny for the Schema.