Presto Control Center

Welcome to the future of Presto management and analytics!

We are excited to unveil the latest iteration of our Presto Control Center, featuring a completely redesigned user interface that enhances your experience in managing and monitoring Presto clusters. This new interface is visually appealing and significantly more user-friendly, streamlining your interactions and making complex data operations more intuitive.

Key Highlights of the New UI:

Simplified Navigation: Navigate through the various functionalities of Presto with ease, thanks to our restructured layout and intuitive design.

Enhanced Cluster Management: Get a comprehensive overview of your clusters with improved visualizations and real-time metrics, making it easier to monitor health and performance.

Advanced Query Analysis: Dive deep into your queries with detailed visualizations and analytics, helping you optimize query performance and resource utilization.

Seamless Integration: Enjoy smoother integrations with your presto instance thanks to our streamlined configuration process.

Customizable Dashboard: Tailor your dashboard to meet your specific needs with widgets and metrics that matter most to you.

Responsive Design: Whether you're on a desktop, tablet, or mobile, experience the full functionality of the Presto Control Center with our responsive design.

Our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience is at the heart of this redesign. This new UI will make your data operations more efficient and transform your interactions with Presto. Welcome to the future of Presto management and analytics!