Release v.1.10.0.a2291c19a514f26b8801f2f699123fb66cede439

v. May 2023


  • Implemented a confirmation modal for actions to improve user experience and prevent accidental actions.


  • Added the ability to specify default values for components, enhancing customization options.
  • Migrated filters to inputs, streamlining the user interface and improving usability.

Introduced new components:

  • Button: Allows users to trigger specific actions with a click.
  • Checkbox: Provides users with options to select or deselect.
  • Flex List: Enables flexible list layouts for better content presentation.
  • Toggle: Offers an intuitive switch-like control for toggling between states.

Data Sources

  • Added REST support for data retrieval, expanding compatibility with external systems and enhancing data integration capabilities.

Error Logging

  • Enhanced error logging and forwarding mechanisms for improved query error handling, providing better visibility and troubleshooting.


  • Added the option to include a logo and favicon in products, allowing for branding customization and visual identity.
  • Introduced support for customizable color palettes in products, empowering users to create consistent and personalized styling that aligns with their brand or preferences.