Closed-Beta v0.9.7

v0.9.7 Feb 2023


Bhuma supports StepZen natively as a data source. StepZen allows building GraphQL easily and optimizing and scaling GraphQL automatically.


With Bhuma, you can design and modify reports to best suit your needs and then share them easily by integrating them into your web app. By using our library, embedding the template is a breeze!


If you have a lot of content you want to split up, Pagination is a great way to do it. This new feature allows you to easily split your grid content into multiple pages so that it's more manageable.

Page, role-based access

RBAC restriction pages based on the user's role are a great way to ensure that only users with the necessary access can view certain pages. It helps protect sensitive information while ensuring users can easily find what they need. When setting up roles and permissions in your application, you must know the details of each user's role so you can assign them the appropriate privileges.