Closed-Beta v0.9.6

v0.9.6 Jan 2023


GraphQL is a powerful tool for building APIs, and one of its most valuable features is subscriptions. With subscriptions, clients can subscribe to real-time updates from the server, allowing for near-instantaneous data changes.

Boolean and Multi-select Filters

Boolean and multi-select filters are convenient tools for quickly refining your search results to obtain only the most relevant data. For instance, Boolean filters can efficiently remove unwanted items from a result set, leaving you with only the applicable samples. Furthermore, users may use multi-select filters to select multiple choices from any given list of categories or labels when searching for information.


Containers are a great way to manage your application. Packaging your app and its dependencies into one container makes it easy to deploy on any server in minutes without worrying about compatibility issues or missing components. This time saved can be put towards creating more unique features and providing a better user experience, making containers an invaluable asset in our tech-driven world.