Closed-Beta v0.9.5

v0.9.5 Dec 2022

Multiple pages and navigation

Multiple pages and navigation allow users to create views with unique content and navigate between them using the new navigation menu. This update makes it even easier to keep your information organized and accessible to the users.

CubeJS data source

Bhuma's CubeJS data source makes accessing and organizing your data easier. With our GraphQL APIs, consolidating data from multiple sources is simple. Streamlining this process can help ensure greater accuracy and consistency when gathering metrics, translating into more accurate insights and better decision-making. In addition, Bhuma offers reliable, efficient means of integrating your data with industry standards--decreasing complexity while increasing precision.

More visualizations

Our newly added visualizations make it easier to create eye-catching content securely and efficiently. You'll love how quickly you can materialize your ideas, customize outputs for different viewers, and securely share them with the right team members. And that's not all: we've made the interface so easy to use that non-technical people can get up and running in no time! Our state-of-the-art visualization solution gives everyone an easy way to take control of their data in an impactful and engaging way.

Data transformation

Path data transformation can be a helpful tool for configuring visualizations, allowing users to quickly change data into usable forms. Automating path data transformation helps make the process even more efficient and saves time - allowing you to spend more of your precious hours perfecting the visualizations themselves. It eliminates tedious manual steps while ensuring accurate results, making path data transformation automation a must-have if your goal is an effective and beautiful visualization.

Date Range Picker

With date picker filters, users can now define date ranges in moments! Instead of feeling overwhelmed when presented with data, they can easily control which information is available on the dashboard. This filter allows users to narrow down data to visualize a specific date range instead of just seeing an endless stream of numbers or words. When data needs to be tracked over time, date range pickers help.